Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Role Playing

Today, I started clipping coupons after Suzanne left lunch to finish her work day. Coupons clipped and sitting at my laptop already, with The Foster Parents host's voice in my head (Ben), "You should start a blog. I bet there's a niche for Mormon Stay At Home Dad's who're opening a preschool and planning on home schooling their kids." Is that what I am now? A stay at home dad? Suzanne and I are in the struggle of making that transition right now, if it really is a transition we're making. Prior to clipping coupons, (Save $1.00 on any TWO Ziploc brand bags!) Suzanne expressed her concern over being able to make it financially, and I assured her we'd be ok for a good while as long as we're watching our expenses. Then I expressed my concern that if she's unhappy working (being away from the kids, because that's the actual party pooper) then I'll head back to work (there's a explosives disassembly position at the "local" army depot open). Oh, did I mention that we're looking into opening a preschool? Heavens yes we are! From the day Suzanne and I first hung out, just the two of us, an accidental date if you will, we've wanted to open our own school... nothing big and fancy (at first) but a place where we can use our passions to teach kids and create a place where they'll want to learn and know how to do it themselves (teaching kids to learn!) So, since I quit my job... yup I quit it. I was spending 22 days away from home and 8 with the family and couldn't take it anymore (I know 8 days off every month sounds great, but not seeing them every night was murder!). So, since I quit my job I've been working on the house; attic's almost done (minus the bathroom... I'm terrified of tiling... so expensive to mess up), the basement is getting ready to be turned into a preschool and I'm doing a lot of googling. I haven't googled this much since I worked at Fidelity Investments 9 years ago! so... how often does one blog, and for how long? Because I think it's time to take the kids to the pool.

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