Tuesday, June 29, 2010

old school and new school

I had planned to see Rachelle Thursday night. Jed called during the day and said, "Hey! Let's go to Lagoon tomorrow!" and I said OH YEAH! (we didn't go to Lagoon, but plans are in the works)
So we drove out to Park City that night and I got to see Kari and Rachelle. It was great, but wayyyy to short. I love these girls. They were roommates of mine for years in college. Oh man, college, it was a little too much fun. Kari and Rachelle look great. Brynley was adorable and made Heaton giggle with her peekaboo that she would do in a really high pitched little girl voice. Keegan is beautiful as well, but was not feeling up to taking pictures that would do his cuteness justice.

After Park City Jed and I drove to his parents house in the SLC. On Friday we concocted a plan so we could see all the nieces and nephews and do something that included summer fun.....SWIMMING! Justin and Emily came, with Anyssa, Natalya, Issac, Eli, Micah, and Noah. Tracie showed up with Taylor, Logan, and Hunter. They are the best in-law family a girl could have.

While in Salt Lake City, Jed made good on his mother's day gift. Previously we had the Mogwai beastie in a huge frame above our fire place, and then he got me this....

It's the spires of the Salt Lake City L.D.S. temple and its gorgeous! And HUGE, but you can't really tell from this picture.

And here is another picture just for fun. Heaton got his 6 month shots and screamed like a banchee! He is really good at that now. The nice nurse lady gave him his first sucker ever and he new exactly what to do with it and how delicious it was.

Friday, June 25, 2010

fathers and stuff.

Last weekend i got to hang out with these great cuties for our church primary activity. We did a lot of dad activities and had "pop"sicles for a treat! They all love to hang out with Heaton and I love it!

Early Sunday morning i drove really fast (shhh, don't tell anyone) and surprised my dad and got to go to the Spanish Ward with he and my mom! It was great to see him and be with him on such a great day. I love my dad. He is one of the best men that I know and I hope that I have just a smidgen of his amazingness. He is loving, patient, strong, hardworking, and taught me to love God. And he is a lot fo fun to be with.

I am very blessed to have been raised in a wonderful family. I also had two grandpa's who were always kind and loving to me. I always knew that they loved me. I sure do miss them both.

After I left my parents house, I stopped by to see beautiful Michelle and who is about to give birth to baby Scarlett and her fantastic husband Ryan. We kept asking Ocean to take a picture with Heaton and he said he didn't want to. He finally sat down to do it and kept intentionally rolling his eyes, it was hilarious!
there's a great shot of Heaton and Michelle snuggling with Scarlett. Sorry the pictures are sideways..I don't know whats up with that or how to fix the wonkiness.
I had not seen Jed yet on fathers day. He got off early, so again I drove fast (shhhh) and got home in 2 hours to see my baby daddy! Saying that he is an incredible father, is such an understatement. He is loving and patient and smart and really entertaining. I knew I picked a good baby daddy right from the start. You should see this man around kids, they flock to him. These two are great pals.

Monday, June 21, 2010

peppito the pet pepper

Heaton always wants to eat what we're eating. Last night during dinner we gave him a sauteed red pepper to munch on. He really enjoyed flinging it around and resting it on his shoulder as if it was his new pet. So we named it peppito the pet pepper!i know these pictures are sideways but i don't know how to change them! help!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

just in case you wondering....

yes, Karate Kid III is the wort movie of all time! UGH!!! Hardly bearable. I have no idea how Becky, Brighton, Elin, and Nathaniel stayed up till 2 am watching it last weekend. I'm really sorry to anyone who has watched it in its entirety. Ralph Machio...you are a nerd!

Friday, June 18, 2010

is this the first or the last?

I love blogs! Other people's blogs. It is how I stay connected to the human race. I live in a small town and often feel out of the loop called life (yes, sometimes this is a great thing). So... I thought about starting a blog when I got married,

and that didn't happen. So I thought about starting a blog when we bought a house,

again, didn't happen. When I turned 30, I thought I would actually start a blog,

didn't happen. So I had a baby,

still didn't start a blog. So it is one random night in June, I've been in the house for days because I got sick, so I guess I'll start a blog. I like blogs with pictures. I also like Hostess cupcakes. Since I just ate my cupcakes and cannot share them with you, I will share my pictures instead. I'm going to start at the beginning, cause WHY NOT!?

These fine people are my awesome grandparents. Folkman and Ivy Brown. Interesting names, huh? Folkman was his mother's maiden name. I named my son, Heaton in the same tradition.

Here is a good looking group of 80's kids!

A few years ago my dad gave all us kids a bunch of dvds with our childhood pictures on it. What a great treasure. I'm the little rascal in the yellow sweater in the front, standing next to my brother Gary. In the back there is my brother Brad, my aunt Klissa, sister Camille, brown brother Richard, sister Rebekah, and cousin John (maybe???)

How about another blast from the past?
This is a picture with us kids, my grandma Heaton, and my dad. If you can tell me which sibling is missing, you will get a prize!

I don't know what we are doing here, if you can tell me, you win a prize!

OK, now I'm just throwing some in for fun.

Thanks Heidi, for that final push to actually start a blog.