Friday, July 29, 2011

you're not going to believe this but....

 our new baby Valentine is totally 3 dimensional!  

I can't wait to meet her and actually see her cause these pictures creep me out a little bit--just a little. 

married summer

Marsha and Emily got married this summer (not to each other)!  It has been wonderful to get to see these women more often than usual and see how giddy and silly in love they are. Thanks for getting married this summer so I could have an excuse to see you and our wonderful friends.
 Marsha married Clint in March
 so Michelle created this amazing quilt that we stitched together at Marsha's bridal shower
 We made gobs of pinwheels for wedding favors---the sticks were pencils that said Marsha & Clint

 yes, that is totally a pirate boat chandelier 

 three adorable boys playing.  they could pass for triplets (two are twins)

 Clint and Jed

 Marsha  Clint   Jed   Suzanne
 Marsha  Clint  Michelle  baby Scarlet  Ryan
 we are in love too
 I love seeing my friends!

 Emily married Adam in July

 We had a girls day when Marsha and Emily were in town.  Of course it mostly involved the mall, of course. 

We had to fuel our mall girls day with a hearty breakfast
And then things like this happen.  They always do and that what makes these girls so great.  I get a work out from laughing so hard. 

The best Mormon-Jewish ceremony you could imagine, Mazel Tov!
Then this little princess got married in a beautiful back yard.  Emily looked amazing.  Just ask Jed.

 Me, Michelle, Sage
 Brighton, Jed
 adorable niece dancing

 Emily's married!

 Epic Cake.  Oh man.  and she made it her self. 

Me, Elin, Nicole, Michelle.  I love seeing these ladies!