Tuesday, January 18, 2011

oh my clients....

so my clients at work generally crack me up, ALL THE TIME!  they wear 5 pair of sunglasses attatched together with twist ties to give them x-ray vision and stop the rainbows that they see when they stare at the sun.  They think that the communication class that i teach them is preparation for them to become electricians, they spontaneous break out in song, they are witty, they make jokes, they are loving, and they are hilarious!  But today I made one cry.  I had to take her to an appointment with an education counselor at the local college, and she found out that she cannot go to school.  She simply does not have the skills to even start college.  When she heard this she broke down.  I knew it would be hard to hear but man, this was really hard for her to hear.  In trying to ease her pain the counselor and I told her that school is not always what it is cracked up to be.  When I was driving her home she was still sobbing and through her tears and heavy breaths she told me that I need to be glad that I can even go to school.  Ka-boom!  She was soooooo absolutely right!  I LOVE my school, but I often complain (cause I'm super good at that), and drag my feet when its time to study, get ready, and actually go to class.

My clients usually teach me to love the simple things in life on a daily basis, but today this one opened my eyes a little deeper and I am so grateful.  Thanks clients, for teaching me about life.

  p.s.   look at this little guy and his nutty obsession with hats!