Friday, September 30, 2011


I have been thinking about Heaton's first haircut for a while, and I usually think "NO WAY, JOSE!"

For some reason recently I had decided that I would cut it before his 2nd birthday (December 3rd)

However, I thought that in light of having a girl sometime this week, I would like everyone to know that Heaton is a big BROTHER, not a big SISTER 
Yes, he gets called a girl (a cute one at least) almost daily.  

So we psyched ourselves up one day and did this to him 
(and broke our own hearts a little bit).

As you can see, this has not affected his glorious self-esteem whatsoever! 


  1. Funny how a gender appropriate haircut has to be for other people, huh? And funny how you can dress your boy with long hair in the most boyish clothes you have and people will still ask if he's a girl. He's still cute as a button.